Since 2017

Undergraduate Program Overview

Founded in 2017 while enrolled in the first class in 2018, the Undergraduate Program of Vehicle and Energy Engineering, aims to provide quality education in vehicle and energy engineering fields that is well-grounded in both fundamental principles and practical applications.


The main research and development directions of this program include:

(1) Advanced vehicles: hybrid electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, engine vehicles, and their key components;

(2) Green energies and energy technologies: renewable energies (solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy, biomass energy), green constructions, refrigeration and air-conditioning;

(3) Intelligent power systems: micro-grid, power electronics, artificial intelligent (AI) systems, etc..

This program offers opportunities for students to the research institutes, industry related to vehicle and energy applications, or further education after graduation. The customized courses provide the flexibilities to study based on students’ personal interest. It is expected that the program gives professional skills and knowledge, professional ethics, international outlooks to all graduates.


The mission of the Undergraduate Program of Vehicle and Energy Engineering is to serve the students of National Taiwan Normal University by:

1.Providing excellent environment cultivating in-field experts in both vehicle and energy engineering fields who are capable of performing both theoretical research and engineering practices.

2.Providing both academic-oriented and application-oriented core courses in vehicle, energy, and mechatronics engineering that prepare students for successful careers in industry, government and academia.


Traffic Information



Address: College of Technology and Engineering, Undergraduate Program of Vehicle and Energy Engineering :162, Heping East Road Section 1, Taipei 10610, Taiwan


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15、18、235、237、278、295、672、907、Heping Main Line「N.T.N.U」、「N.T.N.U-Union Building」


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Route 1 Guting Station: Guting Station Exit 5 Walk alongside Heping East Road for 8 minutes Route 2Taipower Building Station: Taipower Building Station Station Exit 4 Walk alongside Shi Da Road for 10 minutes