Yi-Hsuan Hung

Distinguished Professor and Chair
TEL: 02-7749-3377
Email: hungyh@ntnu.edu.tw
Research expertise:
1.Fuel cell, super capacitor, dynamic analysis and control strategy of lithium battery system
2.Design and modeling of hybrid and electric vehicles
3.Advanced vehicle control strategy and energy management technology
4.Theory and application of optimized control and nonlinear control
5. System dynamic analysis theory and real-time simulation technology

Yeou-Feng Lue

TEL: 02-7749-3381
Email: yflue@ntnu.edu.tw
Research expertise: Vehicle engineering, alternative fuel, pollution control of gasoline and diesel engine

Tun-Ping Teng

Distinguished Professor
TEL: 02-7749-3358
Email: tube5711@ntnu.edu.tw
Research expertise:
1. Design and development of energy-saving devices for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems
2. Renewable energy applications
3. Nanotechnology applied to system energy storage and energy-saving technologies
4. Research and development of heat flow experimental devices
5. Research on nanometer photocatalytic decontamination and antibacterial and energy conservation
6. Energy and engineering education

Wei-Jen Chen

Associate Professor
TEL: 02-7749-3343
Email: kylechen@ntnu.edu.tw
Research expertise:
1. Industrial energy saving
2. Building energy saving
3. Green building design
4. AI energy management system

Kai-Jun Pai

Associate Professor
TEL: 02-7749-5745
Research expertise:Power electronics, vehicle and energy power converter design, laser power design
Laboratory Website:https://sites.google.com/view/carypai

Hwa-Dong Liu

Associate Professor
TEL: 02-7749-5953
Research expertise:
1. Solar power technology
2. Vehicles electronics
3. Power electronics
4. Algorithm
Laboratory Website:https://sites.google.com/view/vphd/

Chun-Hsin Chang

Associate Professor
TEL: 02-7749-6998
Research expertise:
1. Automotive technology
2.Inspection and petrol and electric vehicles
3. Skills learning and evaluation